Greetings, and welcome to the web pages of Electronic Ideas Inc.

The company was founded as a sole proprietorship in the fall of 1975, for the purpose of offering freelance electronic research and development services to small manufacturers. In 1977 we became a corporation. Since 1975, we have designed, built and programmed a wide variety of hardware-based and microprocessor-based prototypes and custom-made electronic modules.

In the future we'll be adding further details of some of these projects, and hyperlinks to the manufacturers' web sites.

Our web site also includes a non-business section (here), containing family photos, etc.

Any comments or questions should be emailed to js(at)

By the way, I've replaced the @ symbol above, to prevent my email address from being acquired by programs that search the web to find targets for unsolicited (spam) emails. I trust you can figure out how to send an email to me if you want to...